The five stages of nap-deprivation

I respond to my son’s refusal to nap with the 5 stages of grief.

Denial: “He’s being a little stubborn, but he’ll go down. He’s really tired, he’s rubbing his face, crying with his eyes closed…all the tired signs are there…”

Anger: “Why won’t this kid just GO TO SLEEP, already?! I’ve been trying to get him down for at least 45 minutes now, what do I look like, Mother Teresa??”

Bargaining:  “Please, I beg you, please just go to sleep. I’ll even lay here next to you instead of getting the dishes done, okay? Will that make you go to sleep?”

Depression: “Well, I guess I can just forget about the nap and stop wasting my time. The dishes will never get done, and when Husband gets home, the baby will be a sleep-deprived maniac and the house will be a mess. That’s what he gets for marrying me.”

Acceptance: “Fine, you win. I give up. Here, sit and play with your toys while mommy makes herself a drink sandwich.”


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