Discovering six weeks of baby

So Husband and I took Collin to see his doctor today, and let me just say right here, loud and proud, that everything is FINE. Our baby was given a clean bill of health, and we were told to stay off the Internet.

No guarantees, doc, but we’ll try to keep our freak-outs to a minimum next time. In our defense, this is our first time panicking at the pediatrician’s over something normal, which I think is pretty good for first-time parents.

In other news, Collin will be six weeks old tomorrow, which means I will have reached the point where my nether regions are supposed to have shriveled back to a near-normal size, and I can begin an exercise regimen. I like to think of the baby weight that I’ve gained as a badge of honor, like coming home dirty and wounded from war. It proves I gave it my all.


One thought on “Discovering six weeks of baby

  1. The internet-diagnosis-jitters are one consequence, I think, of the fading of the traditional systems for passing along wisdom and reassurance. We weren't born knowing how to do this, so having older women — mothers, grannies, aunties, neighbors, the mothers of friends — who've been through it all before, used to be a major source of guidance.

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